The Reading course in grade seven will expand and improve the basic reading skills acquired in the elementary grades.  The major skills to be developed will be literal comprehension, interpretive reading, vocabulary development, and critical and creative reading.  Also incorporated in the course are the communication skills of writing and speaking.  Combining language arts with the basic reading will aid in maximizing student motivation and performance.

English 7 is a course that prepares students to express themselves in Standard English.  Students receive a review of basic English usage, grammar, and mechanics.  They will continue to develop writing skills using a variety of methods and types of writing.  The course also helps students develop vocabulary skills and spelling skills. 

Math 7 will cover the basic concepts of Mathematics that will prepare the students to move into Pre-Algebra course next year. The major concepts that will be covered are integers, decimals, fractions, percents, expressions, equations, data analysis, probability and geometry. These concepts will allow the students to smoothly transition into a grade 8 math course. Students will continue to use these skills beyond the classroom to solve real-life problems.